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Your personal recommendation to friends, family and colleagues, is the ultimate reward!

I am delighted to share many of the fantastic testimonials I have received, that tell you about my professional and empathic approach and how I can assist you in achieving your health and wellbeing goals! I am continuously inspired by your experiences, commitment and growth, and this drives me to make even more of a difference to your lives by continuously developing my skills, knowledge and the information I can provide.

My clinical practice is continuing to evolve and I am truly grateful to everyone who has shared their experiences, thoughts and suggestions. I hope you enjoy reading these testimonials and they are valuable in assisting you in making your own healthcare choices.

I look forward to seeing you soon and continuing my mission to support you in achieving your health and well-being goals!

With warmest regards,

Nina Victoria Gallagher



Having had several sports-related injuries, I can highly recommend the osteopathic treatment provided by Nina. Her methodical approach and assessment, together with excellent hands-on work and her calm manner, instils confidence. This is all delivered in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Mr Alan Dickinson • Sowood • Halifax

I’m writing to thank you very much for squeezing me in last week…to repair my back… It all paid off because not only was I able to play golf but I won!

The prize is a free golfing holiday to La Manga in November, so thanks very much.

Michelle Lunt • Leeds




Having just returned home from a second rigorous cycle ride in as many days, it suddenly occurred to me that I used to suffer from a chronic back condition. It all started well over twenty years ago, initially with slight twinges and stiffness every now and then, however as the years marched on, the twinges turned to pain, the stiffness often became disabling and the frequency of these symptoms became almost constant. I, like many other people continued going to work, getting on with life in general, suffering in silence and foolishly not seeking any help. Then one day about three years ago whilst I was out walking with my dog, I met a lady I knew, with whom I had a conversation. During this conversation, for some reason, I spoke of the problems I was encountering with my back, which upon, this lady recommended me to see Nina Victoria Gallagher. For once I listened to advice and in desperation made an appointment immediately. On my first visit, I was a little apprehensive, but there is no need to be, the treatment is gentle and relaxing. The treatment I have received from Nina Victoria Gallagher, has enabled me to return to a normal quality of life, which three years ago I could never have imagined. I am now mobile, pain free and very active, performing all the everyday pastimes, such as gardening, jobs around the home and cycling, just to name a few. I can certainly recommend Nina Victoria Gallagher for the treatment of back problems; it is not necessary to suffer like I did. Make an appointment now!

Thomas Duncan Holroyd • Cleckheaton




It all began approximately 18 months to 2 years ago. I woke in the night unable to turn over in bed, with excruciating pain in my lower back; I could not remember an incident where I had done anything to bring on such a dreadful pain. Every night I dreaded going to bed as the same pain came on and getting out of bed was very painful. I had to pass through the pain barrier while straightening my back every morning until I was standing upright. I tried to convince myself, that if I ignored it eventually ‘my body would heal itself’, but after more than twelve months passed, it was no better. I decided to see my doctor and after giving me a once over, he told me it wasn’t anything serious and that he would refer me to the local hospital physiotherapy department. I waited patiently for an appointment which took more than six weeks to come through. My first and only visit consisted of a brief examination; he told me to sleep in a chair and left me his name and telephone number just in case I felt it was necessary to contact him again. I was really let down, but I soldiered on feeling wretched from lack of sleep and lots of pain. Now my symptoms had changed from acute pain at night to chronic pain. I started to believe that this pain would be with me forever, and I would have to learn to live with it. One evening, I was surfing the internet and decided to look up Osteopaths in the Huddersfield area, near to where I work. Nina Victoria Gallagher’s name came up, so I decided to ring to check her credentials. I decided I had nothing to loose but to give her a try. My first visit was nothing short of miraculous. After this visit I still had a small amount of discomfort but, was able to turn over in bed without pain. I continued with my treatment and needed five visits altogether. As soon as my back was feeling less rigid, I was given a very good exercise to do every day. I am now feeling very optimistic to having a life without back pain and I am now confident my sleepless nights are over, for good. Should my back pain ever return, I will be straight back to see Nina.

Julie Tolson • Huddersfield




Thanks to your neck treatment…I’m 100% recovered. And thanks for all you have been able to do for my shoulder in the past weeks. I’m feeling far better nowadays thanks to you. I really appreciate your work.

Richard Poole • Huddersfield

Dear Nina, just a short note to thank you, for your care and gentle skills in ‘repairing’ my neck and shoulder. It was nice to know what was wrong and I hope I can be sensible and not overload the muscles. I will certainly recommend you to my ‘ageing’ friends as we slowly fall apart. Thanks for being supportive, gentle and kind.

Richard Gawthorpe • Mirfield

Thank you for looking after my neck and upper back for another year. With lots of love!

Lorraine xxx • Huddersfield

Dear Nina,I am happy to report that the neck is behaving itself, I feel sure that it is as good as, or better than it was before the accident. May I thank you for your expert treatment, it is much appreciated. Thank you for your support and for acting as a sounding board.

Best regards, John MT • Huddersfield

Dear Nina, thank you for your hard work, patience, kindness and help with my self and Henry. I do feel relief from your work to my neck and shoulders, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Your help was very much appreciated mentally too! Many thanks again I hope to see you soon, I look forward to my appointments.

Kirsten Greaves xx • Huddersfield

Nina has always managed to untangle and fix my ailments including quite a complex painful shoulder. A highly experienced and competent professional that remains humble and understates her real knowledge and expertise. Thank you for fixing me!

Dr Ash Ramzan • Huddersfield




Many thanks for all your care and attention and hard work.

Gina Bannon xxx • Huddersfield

A big thank you for all your help.

Steph xx • Leeds

Thanks so much for all your help – Love & Best wishes!

Natalie, Lee and Sylvie xxx

Just to say thank you very much for all your help, encouragement and inspiration over the past months.

Hilary Airey x • Heckmondwike

Thanks for all your help this year. Much love!

David, Sal and Alice x

Thanks for everything.

Rachel • Huddersfield

Many thanks for all your help and advice.

Elizabeth, Peter, Ethan and Derran Kay xxxx

Nina, thanks for all your support! With love!

Paula, Andrew, Amy and Oliver xxx • Liversedge

Thank you for all your care during the year.

Patrick H • Huddersfield

As ever an excellent experience, leaving me feeling both calm and reinvigorated. Nina is a consummate professional who works to the highest standard, she is also a very good listener and always gives considered and informative responses.

Miriam S • Huddersfield

Nina is an excellent clinician, she listens to what you say, provides fantastic treatment and then explains how best to support yourself at home.

Dawn • Huddersfield




Thanks for helping my baby boy, Malik, and your support and kind words. Much Love!

Lartaj x • New mum • Huddersfield

Dear Nina! Look at me now! (Swimming – underwater photo!) Thank you for fixing me!

Love, Bea x (Age 12 months) • Huddersfield

Dear Nina, I had a great flight. The airport and new environment was a breeze. With the nice weather and open spaces, mummy and daddy have been able to watch me run for the 1st time.

Love Arian (Age 3) • Huddersfield

Dear Nina, I just wanted to let you know how Grace was doing since her last visit in November; she has just got better and better. She has calmed down a lot and now sleeps from about 7.30pm – 7am. She has been such a good girl. Her eating habits have much improved and at the moment I cannot feed her enough. I am sure you would notice the change in her. Simon and I cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding from the first time I rang to make an appointment. I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel. (Sleep deprivation is the worst thing for me personally). So as you can see it has helped our family enormously. You will also come highly recommended to anyone I know with similar problems, and in the future if any problems arise again, I will not hesitate to contact you. Thank you again.

Jackie and Simon Richardson (Parents of Baby Grace) • Huddersfield

Dear Nina Victoria, George is sleeping better..your treatment has really helped us and I have recommended you to a friend of a friend who has a colicky baby. Best regards!

Claire Price • Huddersfield

Dear Nina, you worked with my little girl India some months back osteopathically and also recommended some very useful remedies for her teething, which are excellent and work very quickly. I feel your work completely changed my daughter’s experience of early babyhood and therefore, I would not hesitate to recommend you and your services. I completely trust your judgement regarding treatments. Thank you, with every good wish!

Kate Smith (mother of India Smith Childs) • Huddersfield




It was in October 2006, after suffering a breakdown five months earlier that I first went to Nina for some help. I was having the most acute headaches, neck and shoulder pain. A friend who had a similar experience, suggested I went to an osteopath; it worked wonders for him. I thought it was worth trying.

I was immediately at ease with Nina; she was professional, sympathetic and gentle and told me what was happening to my body and neck. After a chat, I had complete confidence in the treatment recommended. I went on to have twice weekly neck and shoulder massage, by week three the headaches were much improved, the tension in my neck and shoulders was much less. I have been having this wonderful relaxing treatment for 2 years now, but only need the relief it brings when my anxiety causes muscle tension and headaches. I shall continue to use osteopathy as one of my strategies for coping with a very debilitating condition.

Mandy • Huddersfield




To Nina, just a short note to say thank you for ‘fixing’ my back!! It is a lot better now, I can stand up straight and I think that resting will heal it further. Also a lot of what you said about ‘being on a journey’ really made sense to me and I’m much more aware of a holistic reason for my back problems. Any future pain I will not hesitate to have treatment with you! Thank you again!

Carolyn Haley • Huddersfield

Nina! Thanks very much…my back is feeling fine – Cheers!

Steve Henry • Leeds




I was referred by my GP to Nina Victoria Gallagher some years ago after the NHS was unable to offer me any more help. My aches and pains are due to a curvature in my spine, which has given me pain for over 50 years; and the onset of arthritis and osteoporosis has further aggravated my condition; because of this, I require regular maintenance treatments which are arranged at intervals, this programme of treatment is excellently managed by Nina and it reduces my pain and keeps me mobile; which is of particular importance now that I am widowed. Nina is an extremely pleasant and caring young woman who listens and focuses entirely on her patient whilst treating them; she keeps up to date with regular courses and I am totally confident in recommending her.

Mrs Dorothy Robinson • Huddersfield

Dear Nina, it is thanks to you that I have reached a point where, although not ‘cured’, I can cope and now hope I’ll only need the occasional treatment. Thank you for all your advice, support and treatment over last few years. You’re one of the best! Best wishes and love!

Catriona Wood • Huddersfield

Nina, thanks for keeping me going, see you soon!

June Mason xxx • Huddersfield




Dear Nina, I would like to thank you for your help and kindness to me. I am glad to say my groin and leg are feeling a lot better. Yours.

Mrs N Rumford • Huddersfield


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