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Treatments For All

Treatments For All The Family

Pain Relief • Increased Mobility

Here are some of the most common conditions, aches and pains that patients present with in my clinical practice:

Back Aches and Pain

Neck Aches & Pain

Jaw Pain


Shoulder and Arm Problems

Pelvis, hip, and Leg Problems

Knee, Foot & Ankle Problems

Minor Sports Injuries

Joint Pains

Babies, Children and Teenagers

Work Related Injuries



Taking Time Out

Teaching Mindfulness & Relaxation

Postural and exercise Advice

Inability to relax

Stress Management

Advice on lifestyle changes, to improve health & wellbeing


Conditions & Injuries

Acute & Chronic

Whiplash Injuries

Headaches & Neuralgia

Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Arthritis  & Rheumatic Pain

Sciatica & Lumbago

Muscle Spasms & Cramp

Ligament Sprains


Circulatory Problems

Digestive problems

Before • During • After

Your Pregnancy & Birth

Pre-Conceptual Care and Advise

Treatments & Advice for women throughout pregnancy


Nina Torina - Lifestyle Medicine

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