U Perform

Active Whey & Collagen • 900g Powder | Chocolate

U perform Active Sport Collagen is a food supplement utilising innovative Bioactive Collagen Peptides®. Designed to boost your natural collagen levels, each serving delivers 5000mg of Type I and Type III collagen. Collagen is the primary structural protein of the body & is considered beneficial for an active lifestyle. Not only does recovery let your tissues repair and grow, but it reduces the risk of injury too. When it comes to optimal recovery, active sport collagen has the potential to support recovery because it exerts an anabolic effect on cartilage tissue, which promotes healthy muscle growth.

  • Tendons and Ligaments – Strong tendons and ligaments are crucial for lifelong wellness and physical activity. Ligaments bind bones together and tendons bind muscle to bone. Made of collagen, they are the connecting elements of the body, crucial for movement control, stability, and better mobility.
  • MusclesWhether you’re an occasional runner or gym fanatic, you should consider recovery an essential part of your healthy lifestyle.Supplementing with active sport collagen can help speed up the process of recovery.
  • Bones Today, every fourth person suffers from joint problems and the number is constantly increasing. The principal cause is wear and tear of the joint cartilage brought about by age, over exercise and stressed joints.
  • SkinAdding active sport collagen to your well-balanced diet can offer a host of benefits from skin and hair to, yes, workouts, too. This is because collagen gives your body the nutrients it needs to function optimally; its amino acid profile supports connective tissues, muscles, circulatory system health, and injury recoveryUnfortunately we are all likely to suffer from some form of soft tissue injury if we take part in any kind of physical exercise. Sometimes we can vary our training to accommodate these small set backs, but more often than not we will need to stop training for a period of time to allow ourselves to heal from the injury.active sports collagen is our science-led, evidence backed supplement, formulated specifically for those moments when you need extra help in your recovery, helping to speed up the process, and get you back to training quicker than otherwise anticipated.Our Bioactive Collagen Peptides® deliver 5000mg of Type I and Type III collagen. These types of collagen are the main proteins that makes up our tendons, ligaments, bones and cartilage. Supplementing with collagen can provide more of the building blocks to encourage damaged tissues to rebuild and resynthesise.

    Not suitable for vegetarians.