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Food Intolerance

This post was posted on:
27 September, 2021

What is food intolerance?
Many people confuse a food allergy with a food intolerance. With an allergy, reactions are usually immediate and can include rashes, sneezing and even anaphylactic shock in extreme cases. With a food intolerance, reactions may take several hours or even days to occur. Symptoms can range from bloating and migraines to lethargy, skin problems and generally feeling unwell. Some of the other symptoms that can be present as a result of food intolerance are listed below.

Just some of the possible symptoms
• Problem skin • Tiredness • Lack of energy • Asthma • Headaches
• Migraines • Aches & pains • Bloating • Eczema • Feeling unwell
• Rosacea • Psoriasis • Acne • Sleep problems • IBS
• Constipation • Anxiety • Depression • Weight gain • Weight loss
Why does food intolerance occur?
When you have a food intolerance, your body produces IgG antibodies which can cause some of the uncomfortable symptoms mentioned above. If you suspect that certain aspects of your diet may be triggering any of the presenting symptoms listed above, you may benefit from having a food intolerance test.
Testing | Quick & Easy Steps
• Having a Food Intolerance Test is a very simple step to discovering which foods you may be intolerant to.
• It’s a simple finger prick blood test, which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, from start to finish.
• The blood sample may be analysed for intolerances to: 50 to 150 plus foods; depending on the test level you choose.
• Once the laboratory experts have analysed your blood sample, the result is emailed to me.
• The turn-around time is usually within 10 working days of the laboratory receiving the blood sample.

Results | Review | Professional Guidance & Support
Your Results Pack includes:
• A comprehensive list of the problematic foods, as well as foods you have no reactions to.
• A guidance booklet, to help you implement gradual changes to your diet and monitor your progress.

In addition, you will receive professional guidance and support from me, through comprehensive and personalised consultations*.
* Consultations are charged separately, to the cost of tests.
Monitoring | Prevention | Optimum Wellbeing
Scientifically validated, functional diagnostic tests are invaluable tools in clinical practice. They enable me to collect and evaluate information on my patients’ functional and biochemical status, both speedily and accurately; thereby enabling personalised and effective, nutritional and lifestyle programmes to be created and implemented quickly. This ensures the best possible outcomes are achieved and helps my patients see much more rapid symptom reduction, thereby creating visibly, healthier individuals, on their way to optimum wellbeing!

Nina Torina - Lifestyle Medicine

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