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Why use supplements...?

As the word SUPPLEMENTATION describes, food supplements are exactly that; supplemental, NOT instead of.  Therefore it is very important for us to remember that they are not to be used as a substitute for a varied and nutritionally balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
Potency | Quality | Absorption
The great news is - when used correctly, taken appropriately, in the right potency and quality, food supplements can indeed make a dramatic difference to our health, wellbeing and in particular our recovery from dis-ease states and enable us all to live and enjoy our lives for the better.

The Supplemental Maze & Clinical Research

The area of supplementation is a minefield of mis-information, mis-understanding and unsubstantiated claims, where supplements have gained a reputation for producing 'expensive urine'.  This may be the case in some supplements , where cheap ingredients, fillers and bulking agents are used.


It is one of the reasons, I have developed this website, because I know this area can be a minefield, but I also know, through using therapeutic supplementation within my many patient programmes over the past 21 years, that the results can be nothing short of miraculous!  


Throughout my career so far I have investigated and partnered with the best companies in the industry, studied the clinical research and taken ongoing study programmes with some of the best doctors, nutritionists and teams of researchers in medicine and nutritional therapeutics.  The result is here for you!

Trust & Results

Throughout my website you will find the brands that I trust; I use these products, myself, with my family and all my patients/clients.


My research has taken the guess work out of the supplemental maze, to provide you with affordable, clinically effective, high quality supplements that REALLY do make a difference to your health and wellbeing!