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Adrenal Stress Index™ TESTING

What is the Adrenal Stress Index™ (ASI™)?
The ASI™ panel was introduced in 1989 to evaluate stress, a leading cause of morbidity and mortality.  Additional tests have been added to evaluate glycemic control using multiple salivary insulin measurements, and to evaluate adrenal capacity to produce cortisol.
The Saliva Tests - Clinical Purpose
•  Allow rhythm integrity assessment
•  Reveals normalcy or fatigue of adrenals
•  Evaluates the anti-stress potential 
•  Adrenal adaptation
•  Evaluates glycemic control
•  Helps rule out insulin resistance
•  Evaluates the impact of stress on the immune system
•  Gives an indication of subclinical gluten intolerance, a contributor to gut inflammation & stress
Inadequate Adrenals - Symptoms
•  Weight loss/anorexia
•  Progressive fatigue/lethargy
•  Hypoglycaemia
•  Diffuse muscles and joint pains
•  Hypercalcaemia
•  Low serum sodium/salt cravings
•  Skin hyper-pigmentation
Hyperactive Adrenals - Symptoms

•  Weight gain/truncal obesity
•  Emotional lability/depression
•  Glucose intolerance
•  Insulin resistance
•  Osteopenia/fractures
•  Hypertension/sodium retention
•  Thin hyper pigmented skin/striae
Results | Review | Professional Guidance & Support

Your Results Consultation includes:  

•  A comprehensive review of the test results and what they mean.

•  Professional guidance and support from me, to help you implement gradual changes to your lifestyle, diet and monitor your progress.

   *  Consultations are charged separately, to the cost of tests.

Monitoring | Prevention | Optimum Wellbeing
Scientifically validated, functional diagnostic tests are invaluable tools in clinical practice.  They enable me to collect and evaluate information on my patients' functional and biochemical status, both speedily and accurately; thereby enabling personalised and effective, nutritional and lifestyle programmes to be created and implemented quickly.  This ensures the best possible outcomes are achieved and helps my patients see much more rapid symptom reduction, thereby creating visibly, healthier individuals, on their way to optimum wellbeing!