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Osteopathic Medicine at the Nina Torina® Clinics
Here at the Nina Torina® Clinics, we treat patients of all ages, from babies, children and teenagers; to pregnant women, new mums; men and women involved in sport and the elderly.  The gentle and skilful application of osteopathic techniques, including cranial osteopathy, can bring about significant improvement to patients presenting with a variety of different symptoms, musculoskeletal problems and conditions.
Treatments for All
Osteopaths are best known for treating patients with neck ache and back pain, however, here, is a comprehensive list of the diverse range of musculoskeletal concerns and conditions that my patients may present with and where we can play an important therapeutic role.
•  Muscle spasms  
•  Neck Ache  
•  Back aches and pains  
•  Shoulder pain
•  Tennis & Golfer's Elbow
•  Repetitive Strain Injuries
•  Whiplash Injuries  
•  Arthritic Pain  
•  Rheumatic Pain
•  Postural and exercise Advice  
•  Stress Management  
•  Circulatory problems  
•  Digestive problems  
•  Hip, knee & foot problems  
•  Jaw Pain
•  Ligament sprains
•  Neuralgia  
•  Inability to relax  
•  Lumbago  
•  Joint Pains  
•  Fibromyalgia
•  Sciatica  
•  Cramp  
•  Headaches  
•  Minor Sports Injuries 
•  Acute & Chronic aches and pains  
•  Babies, Children and Teenagers  
•  Work Related Injuries  
•  Pre-Conceptual Care and Advice  
•  Treatments & Advice for women throughout pregnancy  
•  Advice on lifestyle changes, to improve health & wellbeing
Arthritis | Rheumatic Conditions
Osteopaths can help to reduce the pain and stiffness that occurs in osteoarthritis, rheumatic conditions and osteoporosis.  By using gentle soft tissue and articulatory techniques, we can help to reduce tissue inflammation, improve mobility and range of movement in the early stages of arthritis and wear and tear.  As a Naturopathic osteopath, I can also use my extensive knowledge and experience to advise on preventative lifestyle interventions, as well as improving nutritional status to reduce the risks of developing these diseases, as well as helping to manage any associated pain.
Many patients present at my clinic with sciatica symptoms and are successfully treated.
Minor Sports Injuries
Minor sports injuries are particularly common presentations in osteopathic practice. Here at the Nina Torina® Clinics, I treat patients of all ages, presenting with many different types of minor sports injuries - many of my patients are: runners, gymnasts, golfers, cyclists, pentathletes, footballers, rugby, tennis, and table tennis players, of all abilities, from amateur to professional. Osteopathic treatment can be extremely helpful with rehabilitation after injury, and assisting a swift return to your sport; as well as helping to maintain flexibility, so you can minimise the reoccurrence of injuries and perform at your peak.
Work Related Injuries
In 2006 alone, around 175 million working days were lost to illness, often due to stress and musculoskeletal disorders. Osteopaths treat many patients with conditions related to the work place. Whether you work at a computer terminal or involved in heavy industry, your working environment can give rise to disorders of muscles, tendons and joints, particularly in the neck, back, hands and arms. 'Mouse wrist', computer hump, neck, shoulder and back pain, including lifting and repetitive strain injuries (RSI), can benefit from osteopathic treatment.  We can also advise on workplace posture and workstation layout, and design remedial and preventative exercise programmes.
Babies | Children | Teenagers
Babies, children and teenagers are not immune from musculoskeletal problems. See our Cranial Osteopathy section for more information.

Postural Advice
Your posture can greatly influence the health of the musculoskeletal system and is frequently assessed by osteopaths - the natural 'S' shape curve of the spine is there for a reason, however, poor posture where the spine collapses into an unnatural 'C' curve, especially when sitting, can cause a whole range of problems such as:
•  Eyestrain  
•  Headaches  
•  Jaw stiffness  
•  Neck and shoulder stiffness  
•  Insufficient breathing  
•  Decreased circulation  
•  Numbness and pain  
•  Back ache  
•  Compression of internal organs  
•  Pressure on nerves and tendons  
•  Pressure on discs and ligaments
We can give guidance and advice on:
•  Posture  
•  Exercise programmes  
•  Driving position  
•  Choosing a bed