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Consultations | What to expect

Your initial Osteopathic Consultation | What's involved?

A typical consultation may last between 45 and 60 minutes and begins with a thorough medical history, asking you detailed questions about your presenting condition, any current medication you may have been prescribed by your doctor, previous illness, operations and injuries, lifestyle and family medical history and any changes in your general health. It is important to let us know if you have any medical conditions, so that we can choose the most appropriate treatment techniques and give you the best advice.

We encourage you to ask as many questions as necessary during your consultation and treatment, as we want you to have a thorough understanding of your condition, how it affects your general health and wellbeing and what changes you can make to your lifestyle to improve your quality of life.
Examination & Investigations

Following your consultation, we will conduct a detailed physical examination; this usually involves removing some of your clothing, so that we can see the area that is causing problems and any related joints and muscles.

Please note that during examination and treatment we always respect your privacy; we use towels where appropriate, to always make you as comfortable as possible.

We assess your posture, range of movements and joint function and area of pain/discomfort and assessment of individual tissues by palpation (this is the osteopaths' highly developed sense of touch); tissue texture changes, asymmetry of tissues and tenderness reveal important information to the osteopath. This helps us to understand and identify any points of weakness, swelling or excessive strain or injury.

Various medical tests e.g. Reflexes, blood pressure will be performed where appropriate.

Although an osteopath's skills generally enable diagnosis to be reached without the need for further investigations, there may be occasions where diagnostic testing is necessary to assist with your diagnosis and treatment management.  If additional investigations, such as: x-rays, scans, blood tests or urine analysis, are necessary they can be arranged through your GP, or we can request these tests privately, depending on your circumstances and how you wish to proceed.

For more information about professional fees and the cost of tests, please refer to the Professional Fees and Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Tests sections of our website.

Once we have all this information, we will form a diagnosis which will be discussed with you and, a suitable treatment plan can then be designed and treatment can begin.


Treatment is included in your initial consultation.  Osteopathy is patient centred, which means the treatment is tailored to you as an individual.  Your age, condition, degree of pain and general health, will influence how you are treated and also how you respond.  Naturopathic Osteopathy is all hands on and involves the use of a variety of treatment techniques such as: deep soft tissue massage of muscles, ligaments and tendons, both passive and active stretching, gentle traction techniques, mobilisation/articulation and gentle manipulation of joints when appropriate (this is the click from the joints - it may sound alarming, but it is just the sound of gas bubbles popping in the joint fluid).  The unique combination of these techniques help to reduce pain, joint stiffness, muscle tension, inflammation and improve joint mobility, tissue health, blood and nerve supply, all in a gentle and rarely uncomfortable, yet specific way.

Preparation For Your Appointment & What To Wear

Personal Hygiene: it goes without saying that 'cleanliness is next to godliness', please ensure that you have attended to your personal hygiene prior to your appointments. Thank you.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and easily removed for examination and treatments. Some male patients prefer to wear shorts and for ladies, comfortable underwear is fine. For exercise sessions please wear a track suit or gym wear.

Aftercare & Advice

Our treatment goals, are to speed up your recovery and get you moving as soon as possible.  Patients occasionally experience some soreness or stiffness after treatment; this is completely normal and usually lasts no more than 24-48 hours.  As part of your aftercare, hydrotherapy such as: ice compresses or hot and cold packs, may be advised depending on your condition.  We will also discuss the use of simple medications where appropriate, exercises, relaxation, nutritional and lifestyle advice.  Osteopathy is a very safe, non-invasive treatment without the side effects of drugs.  However, if you have any concerns following treatment please telephone us as soon as possible.
How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments you require is completely dependant on your condition, and that is influenced by many factors.  

A course of 3-6 treatments often provides the greatest benefit, although chronic conditions may need regular treatments to prevent relapse.  

If there is little or no progress in 3 or 4 treatments, we will reassess and if appropriate will cease treatment and refer you back to your GP or another practitioner.
Subsequent Treatments
These follow-on treatments, generally last approximately 30 minutes, however, we also offer longer appointment times for patients with more complex conditions, or when we need to incorporate exercises, relaxation or other advice into the appointment time.