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Naturopathic Consultations | What to expect

What does Naturopathic treatment involve?

As a naturopathic osteopath, who is also trained in the functional medicine approach, I use a unique combination of therapeutic treatment modalities and protocols to develop individual health and wellbeing programmes based on naturopathic principles, for each of my clients - these elements may include some or all of the following:

•  Diagnostic Testing Evaluation

•  Nutritional advice

•  Nutritional supplementation with a combination of high quality and potency, vitamins, minerals and herbs, where necessary

•  Detoxification

•  Osteopathy & Massage

•  Homeopathic remedies, where appropriate

•  Hydrotherapy

•  Coaching and psychological support 

•  Relaxation and stress management

•  Lifestyle advice

Your Consultation Process

Step 1 - Confidential Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire

Step 2 - Consultation  |  In-clinic, via Skype/FaceTime

The Consultation is an integral part of building a relationship of excellent communication, in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality, between patient and clinician. This is an essential part of diagnosis and treatment, which leads to establishing the most suitable conditions for the healing process to occur.
'Let food be your medicine...and let medicine be your food'  |  Hippocrates
Initial Naturopathic Consultation - which can take up to 1 hourI will take a full clinical case history, discuss your health and wellbeing goals and requirements, understanding where you are now, taking into account any medications you may be taking which have been prescribed by your GP/consultant, stressors, general lifestyle, work, home life etc. I will ask you to complete a 7 day food diary and health questionnaireI will complete a wellbeing assessment which may involve, blood pressure measurement, pulse, weight, height and BMI, among other tests

Follow Up ReviewOnce your Naturopathic programme is complete we then have a further 30 - 45 minute consultation where we discuss your programme, any supplements that may be helpful, review/organise any laboratory tests and decide when to review your progress.

Then You Get Started...As your health status improves, so will the application of your therapeutic treatment and therefore I ask to be kept up to date and then you will have follow on consultations either face to face or over the telephone, so that you have ongoing support.Important note: Most diseases are curable, but not all patients! 
The benefits you obtain from naturopathic medicine will depend upon the amount of effort you expend - it is not about taking a 'magic bullet'! The process of improving your health does not end when your symptoms disappear, but continues each day as you live a healthier and more balanced life!Supplementation: I will advise you on the best combination of supplements to suit your current health needs, these will be carefully selected so there is no conflict with current medication prescribed by your GP/consultant

Personalised Naturopathic Wellbeing Programme - 14-21 days

Following this initial consultation, I create your 'Personalised Naturopathic Wellbeing Programme' - this can take 14-21 days, as it requires research and preparation.

YOU WILL FEEL ENERGISED, INVIGORATED, PAMPERED AND BACK IN CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING!   My mission is to partner with you on this amazing journey of discovery and help you create a new way of life, that will transform your health and wellbeing in every  way.

My role then, as a Naturopath, is to take a multi-disciplinary approach to your healthcare and to evaluate the many possible causes, signs and symptoms that you are experiencing and then educate and empower you, to direct and release your bodies own inner healing power, we do this by establishing health on a cellular level by improving circulation, innervations, nutrition, detoxification and elimination, thereby promoting optimal expression of physiological, physical, mental and emotional health.