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Diagnostic Testing

Accurate | Scientifically Validated | Pioneering
As a healthcare clinician specialising in the functional & personalised lifestyle medicine approach, I collaborate with leading functional laboratories in the UK, Europe and the USA, to provide my patients with the most extensive range of accurate, comprehensive and innovative tests that cover a wide range of physiological areas.
Physiological Areas
Scientific Evidence | Results | Prevention
By incorporating functional diagnostic testing, as part of my comprehensive, professional & personalised healthcare consultations, I am able to use the valuable information these tests reveal, to plan and implement more effective programmes of treatment.

For my patients, these tests this functional an biochemical  This information helps me to assess what's going on, biochemically and functionally wit my patients health and assist in ensuring I achieve the best results possible to help you achieve optimum health!  It si also helpful for my clients to be able to see actual scientific evidence of what is going on. These tests enable me to monitor my clients progress and really helps them to see the factual evidence of how their treatment programmes are working as their symptoms improve.