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Naturopathic Medicine

The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine
Hippocrates is considered the father of Naturopathic Medicine. The Hippocratic School treated disease with diet, fasting, herbs; hydrotherapy, exercise and spinal manipulation, prescribed from a basis of principles of healing that are now used as the foundation of the naturopathic philosophy.  The central theme is:
The Body has the ability to heal itself, if given the chance | Vis Medicatrix Natural 
The natural therapeutic approach maintains, that the constant effort of the body's life force is always in the direction of self-cleansing, self-repairing and positive health.  The naturopathic philosophy maintains that even acute disease is a manifestation of the body's efforts in the direction of self cure.  Disease, or downgraded health, may be eliminated, only by removing from the system the real cause and by raising the body's general vitality, so that its natural and inherent ability to sustain health is allowed to dominate.  Natural therapeutic philosophy also maintains that chronic diseases are frequently the result of mistaken efforts to cure or attempted suppression of the physiological efforts of the body to cleanse itself.
'Let food be your medicine...and let medicine be your food'  |  Hippocrates
From a naturopathic perspective, disease as an entity does not exist; it is the person that is at dis-ease, with his or her own unique set of causative factors, signs and symptoms.
It is the practical application of naturopathic philosophy and the specific use of therapeutic tools which makes naturopathic medicine, so special.

The Triad of Health
This is the connection and interaction between the structural, biochemical and mental emotional components of each individual. Dysfunction in one area invariably leads to disruption elsewhere.
The Naturopathic Osteopath
A Naturopathic Osteopath, combines naturopathic and osteopathic principles and uses their skills to assess your symptoms in a holistic and multi-dimensional way, seeing your body as an integral unit, where dysfunction in one area often affects other areas. 

The way a person leads their life; the physical; environmental; nutritional and psychological stresses on the body; the effects of trauma and ageing, and the way the body compensates for these effects are all important factors that the naturopathic osteopath takes into consideration during your consultation.

They use their highly trained sense of touch to identify and provide the most effective treatment for the underlying causes of your pain. Treatment involves using a combination of gentle manipulative techniques to relieve pain, reduce swelling and wear and tear, improve circulation, to restore physical well-being as quickly as possible. 

In addition, nutritional advice, hydrotherapy and guidelines on a healthy lifestyle, may also be given, to aid the body to use its own recuperative powers more effectively, and to heal without the use of drugs or surgery. 
The Naturopathic Clinician, is trained to understand the following:

To work from the premise that your body needs certain basics to function optimally, these are:
•  The correct nutrients 
•  Adequate rest and relaxation
•  Appropriate exercise 
•  Fresh clean air 
•  Clean water 
•  Sunlight

To understand the uniqueness of the individual and how different we are from one another:
•  Genetically
•  Biochemically
•  Structurally
•  Emotionally 

That each person responds in a unique way to many influences, whether they are:
•  Mental
•  Emotional
•  Structural
•  Nutritional
•  Social 
•  Cultural
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