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SKIN SMART™ | Consultation

Skin Smart™ | Your Personalised Consultation
To completely understand your skin, target specific skin concerns, improve the visible signs of damage and create a beautiful skin, we begin with our comprehensive SKIN SMART™ Personalised Consultation.  Which involves a detailed evaluation of all the factors that affect the health of your skin from the inside, out.  This includes the following:

•  Your main concerns and expectations
•  Skin Description
•  Skin Elasticity
•  Wrinkles
•  Pigmentation
•  Acne/Scars
•  Skin Sensitivity
•  Skin Type
•  Skin History
•  General Health
•  Nutrition and Lifestyle
SKIN CONDITIONS  |  What can we treat?

•  Normal/Healthy
•  Hyper/Hypopigmentation
•  Photo-Damage
•  Scarring/Stretch Marks/Camouflage
•  Acne/Problematic
•  Rosacea
•  Eczema/Psoriasis
•  Dry/Dehydrated
•  Oily
•  Textural Problems
•  Dilated Capillaries
•  Reactant/Sensitive
•  Frown Lines
•  Thin Skins
•  Post Surgery/Laser
Skin Smart™ | Your Personalised Prescription

STEP 1:  Nourish the skin from within with nutritional advice and powerfully effective skin supplements in a specially tailored programme just for you.  We only recommend premium quality nutraceuticals that have been expertly formulated to target specific skin concerns from the inside, out.
STEP 2:  Repair and protect with topically applied Environ® Skin Care.  These proven formulations are enriched with powerful antioxidants, active vitamins, growth factors and peptides to protect and repair the skin, leaving it glowing with health.
STEP 3:  By using Jane Iredale® mineral cosmetics, we can provide a flawless, radiant coverage, while allowing the skin to breathe.  The natural mineral pigments in Jane Iredale® are FREE from fillers, dyes and fragrances, and perfect for even sensitive skins.
STEP 4:  Our Advanced Treatment Facials using Environ® Professional Skin Care, stimulates the deep penetration of vitamins which normalises the function of the skin, correcting problematic and damaged skin, as well as improving the appearance of visible signs of ageing.  These effective treatments promote a healthier, glowing and younger looking skin.