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About Us

At Nina Torina® my mission is to positively transform your health and well-being, and enhance your beauty from the inside, out.  My unique clinical approach has evolved from the philosophies and principles of osteopathic, naturopathic, functional, aesthetic medicine and coaching.  I have integrated all my training, knowledge, expertise and experience from the past 21 years.  I have a proven track record of successful clinical treatment outcomes with thousands of patients, varying in age from babies of a few hours old to patients in their nineties.  I continue to run a thriving clinical practice in the heart of my home county of Yorkshire.  

My company partners with other health and skincare companies who I trust and have impeccable values and integrity.  The products I have chosen are safe, clinically-tested and produce visible, effective results.  They are made with the highest quality ingredients in relevant potencies and absorbable formulas.  I have chosen the purest mineral make-up in the aesthetics industry, which not only enhances your natural beauty but also protects and cares for the most sensitive of skins.  In addition, it does not damage our wonderful planet and environment. 

My criteria and promise for product selection is this: if I would use the products and recommend them to my family and friends, then and only then, are they good enough to be recommended to you.2016 is an exciting year to be celebrating over 21 years in clinical practice and launching this brand new clinical and shopping website, which I hope you will love using and exploring.  

I look forward to welcoming you to the world of Nina Torina® and providing effective treatments, valuable and practical advice, outstanding products and guiding you on this exciting journey to 'Reveal The Real You!’