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Winter Proof Your Skin

With the arrival of winter the resistance of the body to 'unwanted invaders' can significantly decrease for a whole range of reasons. Often as a result of rapid changes in the weather, along with significant fluctuations in the temperature, but also lifestyle factors.  Fatigue, lack of sleep, bad diet and excessive alcohol, places extra stress on the body, especially the skin and makes it harder to maintain a healthy mind and body through the winter season. When we make small changes to our diet and lifestyle and take care of our skin we also see significant improvements in the way we feel, making us less susceptible to viruses, bacteria and the inevitable variable weather and dark winter days!  As we approach Springtime, it is the time to begin changing our daily habits for the better!

  Nutrition | Hints & Tips For Glowing Skin Health

Feed Skin From Within

From a skin health perspective, it's just as important to feed the skin orally with the correct nutrients as well as topically with the right skincare programme. This two phase approach will ensure your skin is nourished from the inside and outside. As a minimum,  our Advanced Nutrition Programme® Skin Complete helps to mirror topical skincare. Additional supplementation with Skin Omegas,which contain great levels of omega 3 and 6 will provide essential fatty acids to feed the skin with the 'good oils' needed to 'waterproof' skin cell membranes and keep skin hydrated. So important especially in the winter months when we live in centrally heated environments and also exposed to the harsh colder weather too. Be sure to consume foods rich in omega-3, which stimulate the production of white blood cells and eliminate harmful bacteria. Sea fish, like tuna and salmon are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Astonishingly 18% of our brain is made up of Omega-3s, but we don’t produce this fatty acid in the body, so we have to find sources from the food we eat. Try to eat oily fish at least twice a week or snack on chia seeds. As well as skin benefits, fatty acids are great ‘brain’ food and can help to fight mood swings, too.

Supplement Recommendations For Glowing Skin:

Advanced Nutrition Programme®:

• Skin Complete 

• Skin Omegas 

• Skin Vit C 

• Colostrum-C 


Maintaining adequate hydration is essential for our health, especially during the winter months, as we live in central heated homes and offices. Aim to drink at least half a litre of pure water daily whether you prefer warm or cold water, interspersed with other beverages such as tea and coffee - it will help maintain hydration and cleanse your body.


Limit your intake of white bread, sugar, refined oils, fatty dairy products, sweets, salty snacks, caffeine and alcohol.

Lifestyle | Hints & Tips For Glowing Skin Health


Get into the sun whenever there are sunny days. The sun's rays stimulate the body to produce vitamin D and help relax us. Good physical condition goes hand in hand with a balanced diet. Keep moving, preferably in the fresh air! In this way we increase the efficiency of the entire body, forcing all systems to work in harmony and makes us more resilient to life stressors. Regular exercise reduces inflammation, helps regulate and stimulate skin-significant hormones and prevents free-radical damage. When you exercise, the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental pollutants. So to improve your skin, start moving, vigorously and watch your skin glow!

De-stress yourself and re-energise your body with Pilates or Yoga. Both these forms of exercise will increase your flexibility and improve posture, by unravelling and lengthening the spine, stretching out your limbs, strengthening your core muscles and deepening your breathing to release tension and induce a sense of calm. An excellent antidote to both mental and physical stress.


Weakened immunity is often the result of overwork and insufficient daily rest. Take care of the appropriate length of sleep - that’s when your body repairs and regenerates.

Quality sleep is essential for wellbeing and happiness, as well a fabulous glowing skin, as not sleeping enough may lead to feeling stressed, angry, sad and mentally exhausted. Sleep is a significant part of living a healthy lifestyle, and many of us simply do not get enough. Stress and sleep are related: if we don’t get enough sleep we can find it harder to adapt to challenging situations, and when we can’t cope as efficiently with stress it can be harder to have a good nights rest. Many of us experience feelings of pressure, tension, and nervousness especially after a busy and stressful day and these feelings can feel more prominent at bedtime. Magnesium is known as ‘nature’s tranquilliser’ and is needed to relax our muscles and nerves, which helps us to fall into a peaceful sleep. To ensure you’re getting enough magnesium try and include plenty of magnesium-rich foods in your diet such as, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, fish and leafy green vegetables. Sufficient sleep is also a hugely effective tool to combat overload!

Having a laugh is one of the best remedies for stress because it triggers healthy physiological changes in our body. Many research studies show that laughter boosts our energy, decreases stress hormones thereby improving immunity and diminishing pain. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, the natural feel-good chemicals that make us happier and more relaxed. This instantly off-sets our stress - So go-ahead and have a good chuckle!!


Life is full of daily challenges that not only impact our mind and body but can have a dramatically damaging effect on our skin! Stress, late nights, too much rich food and not enough, exercise, sleep and relaxation can take their toll. So, extra vitamin C during (inside and out) and Colostrum-C will help to boost general and skin's immunity. Using Jane Iredale®'s Enlighten Concealer to cover dark circles and faking a healthy glow over pale lacklustre skin with Jane Iredale® Bronzers are the 'mineral SAS' to enhance and protect our skin!

Skincare and Makeup | Hints & Tips For Glowing Skin Health


When it comes to sunshine, even in the winter, the advice is: use antioxidant vitamins together with reflecting sunscreens such as titanium dioxide and low does organic sunscreens. These can all be found in our Environ® RAD SPF 15. Retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) is found in all our Environ® AVST Moisturisers in high doses and give the equivalent of SPF 20 and cannot be washed or sweated off as you slowly build up to maximum levels through the AVST 1 - 5 step-up system. Always remember that the effects of winter sun (UVA only, which accelerates ageing) are often not taken into consideration in the same way as summer sun (UVA and UVB which causes burning). So, to ensure great protection for your skin in the wintertime make sure that you apply Environ® RAD or Jane Iredale® PurePressed® BaseMineral Foundation to moisturised skin.


Extensive exfoliation makes the skin thinner, more vulnerable, drier and while may present a brighter fresher appearance for a few days, then deteriorates, prompting a vicious circle of more exfoliation. The solution is to stop, allow the skin cells to mature properly, use Advanced Nutrition Programme® Skin Vit A+ and Skin Omegas+ to promote a healthy horny layer that will protect the skin, retain moisture and eventually present beautiful skin.


Interestingly, whether you have dry or oily skin, oil based cleansers make a good first step in the cleansing process. They effectively remove pollutants, make-up and debris from the skin to decongest, without the stripping action, that ultimately dries skin out, making it more vulnerable and sensitive. Oil will cut through grime giving the skin a really effective cleanse. Environ® AVST Cleansing LotionSebuwash or C-quence Cleanser are all great cleansing options.


Effective skincare treatment begins from within, so an effective mix of antioxidants and Vitamin A both orally and topically is recommended. Vitamin A is the single most important molecule to keep skin healthy and repair damage as it determines how your skin cells repair and develop. Advanced Nutrition Programme® Skin Complete provides both Skin Antioxidant and Skin Vit A+ which used in partnership with a personalised Environ® Skincare programme will give the skin protection and regeneration.


Regular maintenance and assessment! To achieve a boost in your skin results it is always useful to add additional active ingredients such as peptides to further stimulate collagen and elastin production. Also by adding Vitamin C Plus orally and topically with Environ® C-Boost, we can reduce redness and even out skin tone as well as acting as a powerful antioxidant. Other great ingredients include asiatic, mandelic and lactic acid which work together to release natural growth factors in the skin helping to tighten and smooth photo-damaged skins; these can be found in Environ®'s Avance DFP 312™. Don’t forget regular courses of Environ® Facial Treatments will supercharge your home-care routine, seriously enhancing your skincare results!


Not a hard rule, but one to manage carefully. It's very important to have professional advice to manage the progressively higher concentrations of vitamin A and other active ingredients in your skincare regime. This will ensure the protection and maintenance of a smooth, even-toned, and healthy skin and prevent signs of ageing, pigmentation, problem skin and scarring. 

Maximising Your Skin's Potential!

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